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Christmas Tree or Wellhead?

From time to time, we re-post well-received editorial from VALVEMagazine.com. The following article initially ran on Sept. 27, 2017.

In the complicated but vital industry of drawing oil and gas out of the earth and getting it to the surface, people often get confused about the difference between a Christmas tree assembly and a wellhead. Although the terms are used interchangeably, they are not the same piece of equipment. Each has valves and related equipment that help it control and guide the flow of this precious resource.

Managing Valve Repair on Short Turnarounds and Downtimes

Valves are integral components in most industrial processes' overall operating efficiency, especially those in power, chemical and paper plants. As a result, valve maintenance is crucial to an industrial facility's performance, safety and profitability. When a total replacement is required, it can disrupt operations, as well as be labor-intensive and expensive. A more effective alternative is on-site valve repair and modification that allows for shorter downtimes and lower expenses.

Gas and Liquid Valves for Medical Devices

Ventilation emergency room

Gas and liquid valves are used throughout the medical device industry, in major part due to their automated functions, along with their excellent reliability and long life. They are used to control the flow, direction and pressure of gases (oxygen, for example) or fluids (including reagents and other aggressive or non-aggressive media) being used by a device. Air and oxygen valves, as well as liquid “isolation” valves commonly used in medical and diagnostic devices must also meet stringent regulatory requirements to assure compliance with FDA, CFDA, MDR amongst other standards demanded in this field.

Standards for Actuator/Gearbox Flanges

“Many variations in valve and actuator dimensions and characteristics have come into play especially now that we have worldwide vendors,” said Paul Souza, training manager at AUMA Actuators in a presentation at the Valve Manufacturers Association Virtual Valve Forum in November 2020. Souza covered standards and good practice for flanges and drive couplings. This article reports on the flange considerations.

Remote Auditing and Inspection of Control Valves Prior to Shipment

With the coronavirus pandemic, travel has become awkward and possibly dangerous, requiring COVID testing and/or quarantine when passing from one country, or even from one state, to another. As companies have sought ways to get the job done while keeping employees and customers safe during the pandemic, video meetings have become commonplace.

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