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Optimizing Valve Performance and Reliability with Remote Mount Technologies

As the interface between a valve and its control system, positioners play an important role in ensuring reliability and optimal performance in automated process plants.

In many facilities, it is not uncommon to find valves and positioners in spots that are not easily accessible by personnel, such as in confined spaces or at heights. This makes servicing and/or replacement of the positioner a difficult and often time-consuming task that necessitates the use of lifts, scaffolding and extra protective measures to ensure technicians’ safety.

Check Valves: The Most Important Valves in Your Process System

Center guided check valves with upstream increaserCheck valves, as critical as they are for flow system performance, often don’t receive the respect they are due, said Arie Bregman, vice president and general manager, DFT, Inc., in a recent VMA presentation. Bregman reminded attendees of some check valve basics:

  • They allow fluid to flow in only one direction.
  • They prevent backflow or siphoning.
  • They maintain pressure in a system.
  • They protect other equipment, such as pumps and tanks.

The Ultimate Question for Control Valve Maintenance: Repair Or Replace?

The impact of a facility’s decision to repair control valves, versus replacing them, in the coming months could result in more effort, time and money than expected. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace control valves.

The consensus in the industry is that the COVID-19 crisis could likely have a negative impact on this process. During these unprecedented times, many "non-essential" businesses and manufacturers have been shut down. The "essential" facilities have stayed running with fewer employees, resulting in less planned maintenance, for now. Inevitably, when businesses and life return to normal, there will a need by those facilities to run at full capacity. The increase in demand will most likely create a huge vacuum for resources like service, parts, skilled labor and contractors. Now, let us look at the process of repair versus "repair by replace."

Digital Twins: Connecting Real and Virtual Space

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has been all over the news in recent years, transforming how manufacturing and other industries function. It includes many technologies that bridge between the physical and digital worlds, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, data analytics and 3D printing. These and other technologies and their applications are rapidly changing the way products and processes are designed, built and used.

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