VALVE Magazine Spring 2013 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Spring 2013
April 2013 | Digital Edition



Trends in Independent Valve Pressure Testing

Before the industry slowdown of 2008, end users performed third-party pressure testing of valves for use in critical service according to the acceptance criteria of ASME B16.34, API-598, API-6D, etc.

The Intriguing Story of the Pressure Seal Valve

In a quest for more efficient power generation, power plants in the 1930s pushed the pressure-temperature envelope.

Greater Plant Efficiency through Positioner Innovation

Plant operators across the world are tasked with maximizing efficiency and output from existing facilities — which can be a major challenge when there are many valves and actuators.

Issues in Leak Detection

To pinpoint leak location and isolate areas of a pipeline for leak repair, utilities managers must know valve locations, how valves operate and the condition of those valves.



Finding the Source of All that Noise

Processing plants do everything they can to increase efficiency and productivity.

The Tie Between Fugitive Emissions and Market Dynamics

Winners and losers in the world of valves are created as the players react to a constantly changing environment and marketplace.

The Expanding Reach of Plastic Valves

Although plastic valves are sometimes seen as a specialty product – a top choice of those who make or design plastic piping products for industrial systems or who must have ultra-clean equipment in place – assuming these valves don’t have many general uses is short-sighted.