VALVE Magazine Spring 2019 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Spring 2019
April 2019 | Digital Edition

Tank Farms and Liquid Terminals

You see them everywhere: acres of giant white cylinders — some rotund and some a bit slimmer — rising from the ground like a farmer’s root crop ready for harvest.



Material Q&A: Elastomer and Plastic Materials

Question: What is the difference between plastic and elastomer?

Valve Basics New Format Offers Options

If there is one thing that those involved in developing and running the Valve Basics program have come to understand, it’s that the term “basics” means different things to different people.



The Case for RFID in Process Plants

Today, much of the information regarding the status of components installed in the field is housed in paper files, which poses problems for technicians and engineers.

Standards Clarification: Pressure Rating Standards for Flanged Valves

In any industry, one of the most challenging tasks is keeping up to date and compliant with complicated and ever-changing sets of performance standards.

Electric Actuators in the Oil and Gas Industry

Actuators in the oil and gas industry operate many types of valves, and they must do so with great precision and accuracy.