VALVE Magazine Winter 2020 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Winter 2020
January 2020 | Digital Edition

Valves in Space

All of these valves need to be built to precise fits and finishes and to stringent performance requirements because “On a spacecraft, everything has got to work. If it breaks, you’re done,” he said.
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The Evolution of OEM Support Services

The last several decades have seen a change in the U.S. valve industry landscape from the mainland of “do-it-all-ourselves” companies to independent islands of commerce focusing just on what they do best—design and manufacture.

Innovation Across Many Industries

The digitalization revolution brought about the creation of technologies that integrate data gathered during physical processes.

Automating Old Sluice Gates with Electric Actuators

Since the early days of water and wastewater treatment plants in the U.S., municipalities and industries have continued to expand and upgrade existing plants and distribution infrastructure as well as build new facilities.



The Valve Industry Finds Value in ESG Initiatives

The valve manufacturing industry in North America is one of the industries that have embraced this new way of thinking and is leading the way with the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. These initiatives range from valves designed to mitigate climate change to community involvement activities.