VALVE Magazine Summer 2020 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Summer 2020
July 2020 | Digital Edition

Beauty or a Beast? Using NDE on Valve Components

When it comes to valves, “beauty is only skin-deep” is often a true statement. Since Superman and his X-ray eyes don’t really exist, there is no way to verify the quality of a valve or valve component just by looking at it.
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Analyzing PTFE Valve Packing for Control Valve Performance

During a power plant operating cycle, valve maintenance and reliability are key focus areas, often taking up the largest portion of an outage budget.

New Requirements for Actuator Sizing

After decades of confusion, the American Water Works Association has created new standards for actuator sizing that clear up some of the confusion and also provide guidance on where safety factors need to be applied.



Valve Manufacturers Step Up During the Pandemic

Around the nation, companies and businesses have found ways to help with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pneumatic Valves: New Technology for a Digital Transformation

Principles built around the Industrial Internet of Things have guided the automation industry’s rapid adoption and mainstreaming of many production systems.