VALVE Magazine Fall 2017 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Fall 2017
October 2017 | Digital Edition

Check Valves in LNG Cryogenic Service

Because natural gas is currently considered a good source of energy for both environmental and economic reasons, it’s growing in use.
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Unique Operating Dynamics of Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves

For a very long time, the idea has existed that a trunnion-mounted ball valve can be opened under full differential pressure if the piping system can withstand the rapid increase in pressure and the forces induced by it.

Market Outlook 2018: A Sunnier Mood with a Few Caveats

The atmosphere at VMA’s 2018 Market Outlook Workshop was much more positive than what’s occurred the last two years, with many members reporting bidding and orders up.



Process Instrumentation in Oil and Gas

Process instrumentation is an integral part of any process industry because it allows real time measurement and control of process variables such as levels, flow, pressure, temperature, pH and humidity.

Where Valves Are Used: Everywhere!

Learn about the many industries in which valves play critical roles in this comprehensive article that was first published in 2017.

Passivation and Pickling

Q: I have customers that ask for their stainless-steel valves to be pickled and I have others who ask for them to be passivated.



Where Valves Are Used: Everywhere, Part 2

The valve industry is truly broad and diverse; valves are found in our homes, our offices, under our streets and in all our factories and plants.

Cybersecurity for Process Control

Security for any process plant has always been an issue.