VALVE Magazine Fall 2020 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Fall 2020
October 2020 | Digital Edition

Market Outlook 2021: Uncertainties Create Strategy Challenges

The well-received VMA/Hydraulics Institute event was not all doom and gloom. One of the main themes that the speakers repeated was that it is just such times of challenge when innovation and new ideas are born.
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Practical Steps for Retaining Expertise

Losing the skills of experienced, trained engineers has always challenged original equipment manufacturers.

An Overview of ASME B16.34-2017

The content of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Standard B16.34 is essential to those who deal with flanged, threaded and welded-end valves.

Using the Internet of Things for Supply Chain Visibility

One factor I noticed was that every article on the subject of the Internet of Things (IoT) was about applications inside the factory and not within the supply chain. For example, there were articles on machine monitoring, equipment monitoring, preventive maintenance, and smaller topics.



Innovation: Helping Customers Cope with Today’s Challenges

One of the most acute challenges in the business of water/wastewater today is the failure of systems and piping, which are aging faster than many municipalities and water authorities can react.

The Actuators That Drive Subsea Operations

Subsea development includes different types of activities such as exploration, drilling, completion and production.Subsea manifolds are the arrangement of piping, valves, connections, structures and the foundation used in the subsea production system to receive, combine and distribute the hydrocarbon fluid