VALVE Magazine Spring 2018 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Spring 2018
April 2018 | Digital Edition

The Past, Present and Future of Fire Testing

Because so many of the applications where valves are used are sensitive to the danger of fire and explosion, fire testing is a critical part of the process of designing the right valves.



Using Data to Run our Plants

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things are allowing increased use of adaptive analytics in running our plants.

Fracturing Technology in the New Age

After the oil crash of 2014, producers needed to refine the technology even further to bring costs down while meeting new industry challenges.



Gaskets Are Not Created Equal

Gaskets are near the bottom of the food chain of valve components; trim, body materials and packing seem to get a lot more press.

“Borrowing” a Distributor Partner’s Capabilities

Plant owners, operators and purchasing managers have a challenging job: They must make sure their plants run with little downtime, maximum safety and top efficiency.

Air Valves in Piping Systems

Liquid piping systems are prone to collecting air from incoming fluids, pumps and connections.