VALVE Magazine Winter 2013 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Winter 2013
January 2013 | Digital Edition

Behind the Walls: Valves in Building Systems

Fire systems in buildings are almost universally fed and filled with clean water. For these systems to be effective, they must be reliable, have sufficient pressure and be conveniently located throughout the structure.
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Leveraging Quick Shipment in the Fluid Automation Supply Chain

When it comes to getting automation parts shipped, everyone in our industry wants to receive those parts as quickly as possible — it’s a natural inclination.

Have PMI testing limitations changed with the advances in technology?

The short answer is that the situation has changed in some ways — but that PMI still has limitations.

The Great Teflon War

Whether you call it the “Great Teflon War” or “The Battle of Massachusetts,” the fight took place in the courtrooms of The Bay State, rather than in its cities or countryside.

First Valve Repair Event Shows Depth of Today's Issues

Repair and maintenance is one of the most critical areas of today’s valve world and attendees at the Valve Repair Council’s first Valve Repair Meeting & Exhibition last fall found out why.



The Mighty Steam Trap

The steam trap is the device primarily responsible for automatic ­discharge of condensate from steam systems. It’s the same today as it was in the early days.

Challenges and New Solutions in the Dry Chlorine Industry

A collaboration between valve manufacturers and end-users has led to a clearer understanding of the factors that cause valve failure under these circumstances and factors that can increase the service life of those valves.

Reshoring Movement Builds Momentum

The non-profit Reshoring Initiative helps companies understand the true cost of offshoring by using Total Cost of Ownership analysis.