VALVE Magazine Summer 2018 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Summer 2018
July 2018 | Digital Edition

LACSD: Keeping a Giant Water District Running

The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD) are among the largest water/wastewater agencies in the country, operating 10 water reclamation plants and one ocean discharge wastewater treatment plant.



Manufacturing 21st Century Style: Smart, Data-Driven and Agile

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has had a tremendous impact on business.



The Challenges of Chlor-Alkali

With the introduction of new materials and the evolution of valve design over the years, the days when fluid handling operators were limited by the number of valve types available to control the process are long gone.

Electric Actuator Commissioning

Typically, electric actuator commissioning is performed when the actuator is installed at site.

The Latest from ISA, ASME, API and MSS

At the recent Valve Industry Knowledge Forum, Stan Hale, senior director of Supply Chain, MRC Global, reported on the status of International Society of Automation’s (ISA) TR96.05.01, and Carlos Davila, PE, product manager—Americas for Crane ChemPharma & Energy, gave updates on several standards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Petroleum Institute (API) and Manufacturer Standardization Society (MSS). Here are condensed reports based on their presentations.

The Magic Behind the Metal

Like the superhero that can leap tall buildings, the valve industry is made of steel.

Evolution of Butterfly Valves on Aircraft Carriers

Butterfly valves are an integral part of keeping an aircraft carrier’s firemain system operating smoothly.