VALVE Magazine Winter 2019 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Winter 2019
January 2019 | Digital Edition

Tariff Pressure Builds on Valve Industry

In the last year, one word has dominated U.S. trade policy: tariffs.
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Keeping Main Steam Isolation Valves in Top Condition

Because of the critical function of main steam isolation valves in nuclear applications, keeping these valves running at optimum performance levels is vital.

Essentials of Cybersecurity for Process Controls

Cybersecurity is one of the major risks facing the valve industry, and it is not a problem that can merely be solved by other parties besides the intended victim.

Solenoid Valves: Direct Acting vs. Pilot-Operated

While presenting in a recent VMA Valve Basics 101 Course in Houston, I found myself in a familiar role: explaining solenoid valves (SOVs) to attendees. (I work with solenoids so much that one VMA member at that conference joked that I needed to be wearing an I Heart Solenoids t-shirt). During the hands-on “petting zoo” portion of the program, which involves smaller groups of attendees, one of the most frequently asked questions I get from people came up: What’s the difference between direct-acting and pilot-operated SOVs, and how do we make a choice?



The Challenges of Creating Super-Clean

Because biopharmaceuticals are produced using living organisms, and the drugs produced are used in humans and animals, the cost of contamination is very high and sterilization of the process system is critical.

Terry Blackard: Valves Need More Respect

Valves in the oil and gas industry have come a long way in the last four decades, both in terms of higher quality in products and opportunities created by those better products, as Terry Blackard can attest.

Back to Basics: New Valve Modifications

Valve modification can be defined as: adding value to standard or “commodity” valves by installing actuators, special trims, different end-connections, packing and gaskets, and other accessories or upgrades not provided on the original product.