VALVE Magazine Summer 2013 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Summer 2013
July 2013 | Digital Edition

The Boom of Hydrogen Service

Hydrogen is very reactive and highly explosive, and it is composed of the smallest molecules known to man.
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A Chilling Effect on Renewable Energy

To use the renewable energy of this cold water, Enwave Energy Corporation created Deep Lake Water Cooling, the world’s largest lake-source cooling system.

Picking the Right Flowmeter

There are a wide variety of types and styles of mechanical flowmeters, all with moving parts that measure velocity such as turbine, paddlewheel, impeller and propeller flowmeters.



Opportunities and Challenges in the LNG process

The process of liquefying is performed to reduce the volume for purposes of transporting the fuel; LNG reduces volume by 600 times

Using Advanced Sealing Technologies to Prevent Fugitive Emissions

With valves accounting for 60 percent of all non-compliance, conventional valve packing will not be an acceptable emissions solution by itself moving forward.

Valve Automation Solutions for Emergency Shutdown in Shale Applications

In many regions of the U.S., the proliferation of gas and liquids discovered and extracted from shale formations created a need for rapid infrastructure development.