VALVE Magazine Summer 2021 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Summer
July 2021 | Digital Edition

America Moves Toward a Stronger Infrastructure

Here’s what you need to now about the multi-billion-dollar funding designated for the water and wastewater markets as part of the American Jobs Plan.



The Final Control Element: Controlling Energy Transformation

When selecting control valves, be sure to properly evaluate the process conditions to identify potential issues and select the proper management techniques.

Ball Valve Basics

Welcome to the first in a series of Valve Basics articles, each focused on a major product type and written especially for newcomers to the industries that use and make valves and related products.

Coping with Supply Disruption and Demand Volatility

Manufacturers are currently experiencing unprecedented disruption of the supply chain on both the supplier side and the customer side.

Recycling Foreign Metals: Buyer Beware

The North American steel-making industry, with its historic record of quality control, is no longer the world’s top producer.