Curtiss-Wright releases new motor and actuator with integral controls

Edited by Chris Pasion

The SAL080 linear actuator is reportedly capable of continuous force ratings up to 2330 lb-ft (linear) and the SA-R080 is capable of torque up to 24.7 lb-in. (rotary).
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ValvTechnologies welcomes Quality Controls Inc. as a distributor

Edited by Margo Ellis, Editor, VALVE Magazine

ValvTechnologies has picked Quality Controls Inc. (QCI) as a new distributor.
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NECI announces merger with Northeast Controls

New England Controls Inc. and Northeast Controls Inc. announced an agreement to merge their two companies. Both are Emerson Impact Partners serving customers in New England and upstate New York.
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The Final Control Element: Controlling Energy Transformation

By: Mark Graesser

When selecting control valves, be sure to properly evaluate the process conditions to identify potential issues and select the proper management techniques.
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Eastern Controls and DeZURIK Announce New Partnership

Eastern Controls Inc. (ECI) has officially announced its partnership with Minnesota-based DeZURIK Inc. as the exclusive Industrial representative for the Northern New Jersey and Metro New York industrial markets.
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Nuclear: A Partner in the Quest for Clean and Sustainable Energy

The nation’s nuclear energy industry has deep roots that have always been focused on reliability and safety.


VMA Welcomes CGIS as a New Distributor/Channel Partner (Associate) Member

CGIS is a global supplier of high-performance valves, controls and automation.
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The Actuators That Drive Subsea Operations

Subsea development includes different types of activities such as exploration, drilling, completion and production.Subsea manifolds are the arrangement of piping, valves, connections, structures and the foundation used in the subsea production system to receive, combine and distribute the hydrocarbon fluid
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Recommended Practices (RP) Changing Engineering and Supplying of Assemblies

The issue is that assemblies are not currently treated as “engineered” items — they are often produced by slapping the actuator on the old (or new) valve specified by the piping requirements without much understanding of the specifics of the interactions between valve and actuator connections through the drive train (coupling).
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Automating Old Sluice Gates with Electric Actuators

Since the early days of water and wastewater treatment plants in the U.S., municipalities and industries have continued to expand and upgrade existing plants and distribution infrastructure as well as build new facilities.
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Online Control Valve Diagnostics in Today’s Cybersecurity World

The topic of cybersecurity usually brings to mind data breaches that impact financial or private information, stolen intellectual property or disruption of major events such as political elections.
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Traceability and testing of digital positioners (including the valve) is a key to process control accuracy, reliability and safety.
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Solenoid Valves: Direct Acting vs. Pilot-Operated

While presenting in a recent VMA Valve Basics 101 Course in Houston, I found myself in a familiar role: explaining solenoid valves (SOVs) to attendees. (I work with solenoids so much that one VMA member at that conference joked that I needed to be wearing an I Heart Solenoids t-shirt). During the hands-on “petting zoo” portion of the program, which involves smaller groups of attendees, one of the most frequently asked questions I get from people came up: What’s the difference between direct-acting and pilot-operated SOVs, and how do we make a choice?
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Essentials of Cybersecurity for Process Controls

Cybersecurity is one of the major risks facing the valve industry, and it is not a problem that can merely be solved by other parties besides the intended victim.
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Force and Direction Controls for Valve Actuators

Valve actuators deliver either linear or rotary force.
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The Role of Valves in HAZOP Studies

Process hazard analysis (PHA) is required by U.S.
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Controlling Our Water Systems, Part II

To better understand the actuators and controls in our water systems, we discussed the types and some of the considerations for sizing in the first part of this article, which appeared in the print version of VALVEMagazine and is posted here.
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Controlling Our Water Systems

Actuators and controls are a critical process of how we move water through our supply and waste systems.
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Valves & Actuators 101 Precedes Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2015

VMA is presenting a one-day version of its popular Valves, Actuators & Controls 101 educational program on July 14, the day before Valve World Americas Expo & Conference.
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Inexpensive Safe Water Tapped by Correcting Control Valve Output

The error output from a control valve can come from a variety of sources: uncontrolled input pressure, uncontrolled input flow rate, inaccurate orifice size or turbulent flow through the system which causes irregularity of flow rates through the system.
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