Effective Check Valve Selection and Placement for Industrial Piping Systems

When planning a check valve installation, the primary goal is to achieve a valve and piping system that offers the longest service life at the lowest cost.


Check Valves in LNG Cryogenic Service

Because natural gas is currently considered a good source of energy for both environmental and economic reasons, it’s growing in use.


Monitoring Valve Health via the Internet

Most valve end users are already using smart valve positioners on some control valves, but they may not have time to check the valve diagnostics software to notice if any valves are developing problems.


The Critical Stem Nut: Who is Responsible for Maintenance?

One of the most important components of an automated threaded stem valve is the ubiquitous stem nut, a relatively simple and unsophisticated mechanical device that converts the rotary motion of an actuator into the linear stem movement needed to open or close one of the many types of gate valves or sluice gates.


Horizontal Knife Gate Valves: Challenges and Solutions

Knife gate valves are more commonly installed vertically, so why might a knife gate be positioned horizontally?


The Limits of Standard Manual Globe Valves for Throttling

A common practice in process services is to use manual globe valves with hand wheels for regulating flow.


Stop Check Valves

Stop check valves are vital to several industries to protect boilers and other equipment.


Knifegate Valve Maintenance and Repair

Knife gate valves are used to provide isolation in various applications including oil sands slurries, pulp stock, waste water and power generation.

Mistakes and Misconceptions in Valve Leak Testing

Normally, valves are pressure tested by the factory to check for leaks before they’re shipped.


Designing for Safety: Failure Modes on Gate Valves

For over 100 years, preventing catastrophic failure in the process control industry has been a continuously evolving area of study.


Advanced Machine Tools Keep Production Costs in Check

The valve landscape has changed over the past few decades—instead of über-high volumes of simple valves, many buyers and makers of valves are increasingly aiming for low-to-medium volumes of complex, high-precision valves made from exotic materials.


New API Standard for Globe Valves

While the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other organizations published a variety of valve standards covering gate, ball, check, butterfly and plug valves for decades, the first for globe valves came out in 2013.


Success Through Supply Chain Collaboration

With valve components sourced from numerous suppliers around the globe, valve, actuator and control manufacturers are faced with a significant number of challenges while attempting to meet the desired flow control at a competitive price.


Henry Pratt Co. Unveils Series 300 Plunger Valve for Water Systems

The Series 300 Plunger Valve from Henry Pratt Co., a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, is designed to reduce cavitation and stagnant water creation to help water systems improve operational safety, efficiency and flow control.


Conval SaVD Safe Vent and Drains Provide Simple, Dual Sealing System

Conval now offers an easy to retrofit, single-weld, OSHA-compliant safe vent drain for its Clampseal Y-pattern forged globe valves.


Spirax Sarco Lift Check Valves

SPIRAX SARCO has released a new range of lift check valves, LCV3 (Cast Iron), LCV4 (Carbon Steel), LCV6 (Stainless Steel) and LCV7 (SG Iron) suitable for most industries.


ITT Engineered Valves Fabri-Valve 33 PTA

ITT Engineered Valves introduces the Fabri-Valve 33 PTA push-through slurry valve.


Tyco Flow Control Introduces New Primary Isolation Instrument Root Valve

Tyco Flow Control, a unit of Tyco International, has expanded its Anderson Greenwood instrument valve line to include the new M30 series primary isolation instrumentation root valve.


Materials Selection for Deepwater Gate Valves

With the discovery of oil and gas in water depths thousands of feet below the surface, selection of valves is more important, difficult and complicated.


CONVAL: Clampseal High-Performance Globe Valves Available in Over 12,000 Different Configurations

Conval, a global leader in high-performance valves for the world’s most demanding applications, offers over 12,000 configurations of Clampseal® Y, angle and T-pattern globe valves.



CAMERON’S ENTECH DRV-BN nozzle check valve was designed to provide three mandatory requirements of a check valve: non-slam, low-pressure drop and virtually no maintenance in large-diameter applications.


SPIRAX SARCO: CVS10 Sanitary Check Valve

SPIRAX SARCO introduces the CVS10 sanitary check valve designed specifically to prevent reverse flow conditions and reduce the risk of cross contamination within the pharmaceutical and high-purity industries where critical design factors such as high surface finish, full material certification and drainability are of paramount concern to end users.


ATI ACTUATORS: SIL-3 Rated by TUV Rheinland

ATI actuators are piston-style linear actuators used on control valves, gate valves and other rising stem valves.


FLOWSERVE Multi-Z Valves Now Available in New Cast Globe Body

Flowserve Corporation, a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, announced the availability of Flowserve Multi-Z anti-cavitation control valves in a new cast globe body.

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