VALVE Magazine Fall 2018 ISSUE

VALVE Magazine Fall 2018
October 2018 | Digital Edition

Monitoring Pressure Relief Devices

The purpose of a process plant control system is to keep process variables at the desired operating point and within safety limits.
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The Dynamics between Manufacturers and Distributors

The relationship between valve manufacturers and their sales channels is intriguing, dynamic and at times challenging.

Paint & Coatings

A walk through a typical valve distributor’s warehouse will yield a contrasting view of either silver or black products.

Rigging and Lifting of Large Valves

This article outlines the challenges of lifting large valve assemblies weighing several tons and illustrates the industrial rigging equipment and lifting operations typically used for these valves.

Auxiliary Connections: Why We Have Them

Valves are a vital part of the piping systems that run like arteries and veins throughout industrial plants.