Curtiss-Wright Flow Control's EST Group Launches New GripTight Isolation Plug

EST Group, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company, is introducing its new GripTight® Isolation Plug, the latest addition to its pipe plugs and pressure testing tools.
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It offers advances in performance and safety to improve pressure testing of pipe, pipelines and pressure vessels.

The GripTight® Isolation Plug integrates double block and bleed sealing technology with EST Group's reliable GripTight® Gripping design. The GripTight® grippers enhance operational safety, minimizing the risk of accidental plug blowout or expulsion due to improper use or unexpected upstream pressure in the line. The isolation plug is capable of withstanding upstream pressures up to 1,440 psig. As the upstream pressure increases, the GripTight® grippers actually use the pressure to grip more securely against the pipe's inner diameter.