CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions Krombach® Metal Seated Ball Valve

CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions presents its Krombach® Metal Seated Ball Valve (MSBV), a product line whose design and production are the culmination of over 25 years of development and manufacturing experience.
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Designed for specialty chemical processing, mining, food & fragrance, slurry and pharmaceutical applications, the Krombach MSBV features a two-piece design with a flange connection. Its ball and seat are machined to such precise tolerances that ball and seat lapping does not have to be performed individually for each valve—making both the ball and seat freely interchangeable (if equal in nominal size).

The trunnion-mounted ball design of this valve offers a polygon stem-to-ball connection which reduces stress and ensures optimal torque transmission. An additional feature of the Krombach MSBV is its self-cleaning system, which removes excess particles, minimizes leakage and extends product life. Other key options include a fire-safe design body gasket and removable hand lever.

CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions designs and manufactures a variety of high-performance products for fluid handling applications worldwide.