The Next Step in Functional Safety

The primary goal of functional safety is to prevent accidents.


Where Valves Are Used: Everywhere!

Learn about the many industries in which valves play critical roles in this comprehensive article that was first published in 2017.


Pneumatic Valves: New Technology for a Digital Transformation

Principles built around the Industrial Internet of Things have guided the automation industry’s rapid adoption and mainstreaming of many production systems.


Auxiliary Connections: Why We Have Them

Valves are a vital part of the piping systems that run like arteries and veins throughout industrial plants.


Evolution of Butterfly Valves on Aircraft Carriers

Butterfly valves are an integral part of keeping an aircraft carrier’s firemain system operating smoothly.


Christmas Tree or Wellhead?

In the complicated but vital industry of drawing oil and gas out of the earth and getting it to the surface, people often get confused about the difference between a Christmas tree assembly and a wellhead.


Are Your Safety Instrumented Systems Proof Tests Effective?

Many people assume that a proof test of a safety function is 100% effective.


An End-User’s Perspective on Valve Selection and Risk

I am not a valve expert, although I often play one where I work.


Picking the Right Flowmeter

There are a wide variety of types and styles of mechanical flowmeters, all with moving parts that measure velocity such as turbine, paddlewheel, impeller and propeller flowmeters.


Opportunities and Challenges in the LNG process

The process of liquefying is performed to reduce the volume for purposes of transporting the fuel; LNG reduces volume by 600 times


The Tie Between Fugitive Emissions and Market Dynamics

Winners and losers in the world of valves are created as the players react to a constantly changing environment and marketplace.


Suspicious and Counterfeit Valves: An Avoidable ­Danger

Counterfeit industrial products have been around a long time: The term “the real McCoy,” for example, comes from the self-regulating steam engine lubricator patented in 1872 by Elijah McCoy.

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